Automotive Timing Belts Also known as synchronous belts, TUF timing belts provide quality performance, silent operation, high working efficiencies and long
service life.

Multi-Ribbed V-Belts (Poly-Ribbed V-Belts) Widely used in automotive and industrial applications, TUF multi-ribbed V-Belts offer a new kind of power
transmission with many advantages over standard flat V-Belts. These include better flexibility, higher efficiency, longer belt life, power saving, high tensile
strength, and a higher coefficient of friction resulting in reduced slippage and improved overall mechanical performance.

Raw Edge V-Belts and Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts Used for power transmission to cooling fans, water pumps and A/C compressors, TUF Raw Edge V-Belts and
Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts provide for greater dependability, flexibility, dimensional stability, longer belt life and a higher power transfer ration when compared
to standard wrapped V-Belts.

Belts for Industrial, Heavy-Duty, Agricultural, Garden and Other Applications

New for 2016! Exhaust System Components, Manifolds, Headers, Cat Back Systems, Tuner Mufflers and Tail Pipes
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over 5,000 numbers of belts for automotive, industrial, and other applications.
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